If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a background artist we are happy to support you. We think the insight you’ll gain is really useful and there’s always the chance that you’ll have your own two seconds of fame on the big screen.

When you join POP you are free to sign up with a profile on the platform. Contact the community managers when you have completed your sign-up so they know you have a profile and are active rather than just testing something.

If you are contacted and accepted for a role you can take up one to three days of work time to work as a background artist and learn about how the process of filming works.

If you wish to do more work than this then you must schedule it outside of your regular work hours.


If you do background work then you are paid directly for the work on a self-employed basis. You must declare that money for tax purposes and are personally responsible for settling any financial matters around the work.

POP cannot help you with your financial affairs and working as a background artist is completely separate from the work at POP so we will have no company visibility of invoices issued or due.