Holiday is important and as a company we want and expect you to take your full allowance of holiday, ideally spread throughout the year so that you have sufficient breaks from work that when you are working you do so to the best of your ability.


Flexi-time is based on individual needs and is agreed between you and your line manager. Common agreeements are a change in daily start and end times or working from home on recurring days.

Attending conferences

If you are attending a conference as part of your agreed personal development or on behalf of the company then that time will be paid.

If you want to attend a conference that is not related to POP then you would be expected to take that as leave.

Seasonality within the industry

Our business has particular peak activity periods (e.g. show prep in January, UK location shooting during June to September). During these periods it is often necessary to have a set of core skills available to handle any issues that happen.

In this case you might be asked to coordinate your leave with others.

We would never refuse a leave request for this reason unless it was absolutely necessary. Where it does happen we should work together as a team to make sure we are not as dependent on your knowledge in future.

Requesting leave

Holiday can be requested through our holiday system (CharlieHR).

Most holiday requests will be honoured but there might need to be some compromise around popular times of the year (August and December) and very short notice requests.

The holiday year runs from January to December and is pro-rated on that basis.

Ideally you will request leave at least seven days before you take it to allow your colleagues to plan around your absence.

Requesting holiday prior to joining POP

You can request holiday before you join and before you have acrued your holiday allowance on the pro-rated basis. Simply ask during the offer process. You will actually submit the holiday request after you have joined and been on-boarded.