You and your line manager will schedule regular (normally fortnightly) catchups. These may have to change times and dates according to holidays and other circumstances but you should have a regular opportunity to discuss things with your manager.

You should be able to discuss how things are going, any problems you may be experiencing, answer questions about the business in general, progress on your objectives and career development. Your line manager can also answer or find the answer to questions you may have about the business in general or other teams.

You should be prepared for your catchups and think about what you want to discuss before the meeting itself. You should also think about what format works best for you. For example, do you like to discuss recent work or would you like to focus on future opportunities.


Reviews are conducted every six months (taking into account any large projects that might be falling at a review date). You will be asked to fill out a self-assessment. You should take time to think about the answers to the self-assessment and should allocate time to fill it out promptly and in detail.

Your peers and colleagues will be invited to share feedback on your work. If you are asked to provide feedback on someone else then please ensure that you prioritise time to complete it.

Your line manager will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the review feedback with you and will facilitate a discussion of areas of success and improvement the review may suggest.

Part of this discussion may consist of concrete plans for changes or instead a more general outline of how you can develop your career at POP.

Discussing progress against this plans should be part of your regular one to ones.