Probation Period

This is generally three months unless you are told otherwise. This period does not include any leave you may book and public holidays such as Christmas.

In some cases it is possible to conduct a probation review earlier but this is rare.

Probation Process

Your first month at POP is generally defined by a separate onboarding process that has a developer specific element and a general company one.

This will generally take the form of a checklist set of actions along with the period in which they are expected to be completed.

After this you will usually be working within a functional team and your work will be expected to align with the activity within the team and level of the role you are filling within the team.

During your second and third months you will generally have one to ones scheduled with your line manager. These will generally not feature feedback on your performance unless there are very immediate and obvious problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Probation Review

Around the start of your third month then the review process will begin. You will be asked to complete a self-assessment of your probation period. You should take time to fill this out and reflect on your experience and contribution during the probation period.

Separately the development team and some of the other people you have been working with will be invited to give feedback on your performance during probation. This will take the form of a 360° feedback review with feedback from people who you work with, include those whose work you manage (if relevant) and from those who work with you as peers in other functional roles (for example product or quality).

Feedback will normally only be gathered from other staff members who have themselves passed probation so if you join as part of a cohort then you will not receive feedback from other members of that cohort in your review.

This review feedback is generally anonymous although there is a chance to provide attributed feedback as well.

Your self-assessment and the review feedback will be combined into a review summary document. Your line manager and the head of development will then conduct a face to face feedback review which may include a representative of the People team as well.

This review will recap the key elements of your feedback and your self-assessment and in particular look for intersections or contradictions between the two.

It will also consider your future ambitions and the support you feel you need to achieve them.

Outcome of the Review

For most people the review will result in passing probation and the points identified in the review will then become part of your career plan in the regular review cycle.

However the probation review can also result in a failure to pass probation. The details of this will be discussed in the review but generally you will be not be asked to work your notice and some support will be offered to help find a new position.

An alternative situation is that the probation period may be extended along with some kind of performance plan or a specific set of action points that should be addressed before the next review.